Saturday, January 19, 2013

Warrior Women in Video Games Wallpaper part 2

Taki from Soul Calibur series
Hibana from Nightshade (aka Kunoichi)
Female Hawk from Dragon Age II
Bastila Shan from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Greetings fellow Interweb traveller, tis I, Seamus the Leprechaun back with another instalment in the WWVGW series.  Course I could have made this far easier on myself and just gone for Women in Video Games Wallpaper, but where's the fun in that. 

My trusty elves, who have been scouring the interweb on my behalf have reliably informed me that after an extensive trawl, this could be a very short series of posts.  Apparently not a lot of call for female warriors in video games, lest we start counting Lara Croft, or Jill Vaentine.. hardly heroines you expect to see in the midst of a battlefield.

So until I can slip in here, once more unnoticed, I'm off to recharge my creative juices in an effort to enlighten the human species on the finer points of Leprechaun sensuality.

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Alf The Helper: Caught you!!! .. can't come in here, I've been given orders to shoot you on sight...
Seamus the Lerpechaun: ah young fellow I assure you I mean you no harm, your boss on the other hand..
Alf The Helper: Put your hands up and ... and ...erm.... keep them up..
Seamus the Leprechaun: How much is he paying you?
Alf The Helper: what!?...paying me... he pays me €3 an hour plus bed and board..
Seamus the Leprechaun: I'll double it!! what do you say to that!!?
Alf The Helper: double... your serious...? .. i can't ....I have a contract..I must defend this blog with my life and that's what I intend to do, now put your hands up....
Seamus the Leprechaun: Contracts can be broken.. what if along with doubling your wages I gave you almost complete control of your own blog.. would you still wish to point that shotgun at me?
Alf The Helper: My own blog.... duh duh... double my wages... I .. I ..don't know what to say...
Seamus the Leprechaun: Think about it... I'll be back..
Alf The Helper: Wait.. get back here....put your hands... my own blog.....


Elderly Gamer said...

Everything all right Alf?

Alf The Helper said...

..huh!.. yes yes everything is fine... nothing to report..