Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DMC: Devil May Cry Reviews Summary

DMC Devil May Cry Xbox 360 Box Art

A gothic hack and slash developed by Ninja Theory for Ps3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows.  Set in an alternative reality to the Devil May Cry series.

Born of a demon father and an angel mother, You play  Dante (sporting a black haired alternative reality hairdo) as he makes his way through the demon infested Limbo, aided by enigmatic guide Kat. An astonishing 5 levels of difficulty, upgradable weapons and powers, new air combos and two new combat modifiers (Angel mode and Devil mode) add to the button mashing goodliness.

What it says on the tin:
Join Dante in this stylish action experience; chain together multiple combos with flair and send the demonic spawn back to hell – reveal the truth behind the lies

Reviewers had little to gripe about, but a number drew attention to the shortness (10 hours give or take secret areas), minor glitches, poor storyline, and some tut tutting on less refined combat mechanics and game style from series purists.  Still the game earned a rather handsome 86% from 53 critic reviews on Metacritic.

Quote of the Bunch:
The combat system is deep, satisfying, and just welcoming enough to let you in, before losing the smile, slapping your face and making you pay attention. Official Xbox Magazine UK

Reviews Summary:
Fast, robust action, marvelous visual style, and a tremendous sense of attitude
This is not a classic Devil May Cry game
A phenomenal action game in its own right, a blistering start to 2013
Offers deep and flexible combat but in a more accessible and approachable form
Manages to make Dante look like the epitome of cool with every move
A robust, deep and brilliantly executed action game
DMC is played for the action, and the stylish, beautiful action alone.
It's the art direction and technical problems that let the package down.
DMC is intense, but a bit slow for the seasoned player.

Official Game Website
DMC Devil May Cry Wallpaper on Beautry Re-rendered Blog
DMC Devil May Cry Facebook Covers

Alf The Helper: all these "Cry" games... I think it's a conspiracy..
Elderly: Oh sweet... conspiracy!? how do you mean?
Alf The Helper: It's a little odd, Devil May Cry, Far Cry 3, and February's Crysis 3.. it's a pattern!
Elderly: Crysis 3? are you... No your right, they went to great lengths to ensure you'd spot the pattern and get a chance to talk about it right here on this blog..
Alf The Helper: They did!? wow!! they did all that just for me?
Elderly: Sure did...
Alf The Helper: Wow!! I mean that's incredible...
Elderly: Yep your right again.. absolutely incredible..
Alf The Helper: Wow!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hitman HD Trilogy

As silently as agent 47 this one snuck up on me and if this IGN Trailer is to believed it also appears to  have snuck up on the Square Enix'a Press squad as well.

Set for release on 29th January US and 1st February EU, for Ps3 and Xbox 360.
Featuring 40 missions across 3 classic Hitman games, High Definition Trilogy includes:

2002's Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
2004's Hitman 3: Contracts
2006's Hitman: Blood Money

plus Exclusive Art Book, featuring never before seen re-interpretations of classic Hitman moments by top artists.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Free Game Magazine for Download

Fancy a Free gaming magazine, in state of the art PDF format, full of the same quality content you'd expect to find in your newsagent, then look no further than Gamerzines.com

Each magazine comes enhanced with multimedia, animations and video, meaning they’re far more interactive than print equivalents.

With magazines covering Xbox 360, Ps3, PC and MMO gaming, you'll look hard and long to find better quality content.  Give them your email address and they'll even notify when their next release is ready.

Currently Available for us Console lovers are..

360Zine Issue 73
Along with current release reviews the magazine has previews for Crysis 3, BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider.

P3Zine Issue 70
Reviews for Hitman Absolution, Far Cry 3 and LEGO Lord of the Rings plus Previews for Grand Theft Auto V, Tomb Raider and Star Trek.

or if you prefer, which would make this post pretty redundant, you can also read the content online....

Ahem!!......Right.. well that's 20 minutes I'll never get back again.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DMC: Devil May Cry Facebook Cover

right click open inages in new window/tab for fullsize 851x315
Ahhhh... the alternate reality goodliness of the new Devil May Cry offering developed by Ninja Theory.  One of the most frustratingly difficult game series to complete, but so worth the effort.  In honor of the game I have no chance of ever finishing and it's predecessors, Alf has rustled up some Facebook covers featuring Dante and Kat, Dante's teen witchy graffiti loving guide.

See also DMC: Fanmade Wallpaper on Beauty Re-rendered blog

Official Website

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Game Wallpaper and Websites Edition 9

Heavy Rain Wallpaper Madison Paige
Heavy Rain Madison Paige Ps3 2010 1600x900
Clive Barker's Jericho Game Wallpaper
Clive Barker's Jericho Ps3, Xbox 360 2007 1600x900
Jade Empire Wallpaper
Jade Empire Xbox 2005 1600x900
Yakuza Game Wallpaper
Yakuza Ps2 2005 1024x768
Another questionable expedition across the vast interweb to discover some game wallpaper gems of yore and  how gentle the hands of time have been on the original websites.

Heavy Rain - Madison Paige
Ah Yes Madison Paige, and the way she might look at you if you wangled the controller.. sorry.... Heavy Rain is an interactive button manipulating action adventure psychological thriller in the film noir style, released exclusively for the Ps3 in 2010.  For those still reading, "Beyond Two Souls" is the next offering from developers Quantic Dream, due this year.

Official Website still up but not working on either Safari or IE browsers

Clive Barker's Jericho
A supernatural horror, first person shooter, released October 2007 for Ps3 and Xbox 360.  With the premise of the story from the horror master Clive Barker.  Managed to get itself banned in Germany, partly because of it's Nazi S&M tinged demonic slaughter.

Orignial Website gone, but there is Clive Barker's website with info on the the game

Jade Empire
Action RPG released for ye old Xbox April 2005. A sequel?  BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk stated in September 2011 that (Read Intellectual Property for IP) "It's an IP, it's a setting that we're really passionate about, and we still are. Both Greg and I were big believers in the IP... We're just looking for the right way to deploy it.

Website gone but a reference to the title can be found on Bioware's Legacy games Page

Yakuza an action adventure released for Playstation 2 in Japan (Titled Like a Dragon) December 2005 and North America September 2005

Success!!! The original website is Still up!!! along with it's Japanese counterpart.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Xbox 360 "Vault" Console Stand Mod

Elderly: okay Alf on my signal.. this has got to be done in one take.. remember now enthusiasm..

Hi, this is Alf The Helper here with another extraordinary console thingy available for purchase.. whilst stocks last of the... Vault.

The Vault is a three dimensional lightweight casing for your cherished Xbox 360 in specially chosen Spring colours featuring Gundam White, Vampire Red, Urban Blue and the much sought after Nuclear Green. 

Each Vault provides that much needed increased airflow, beloved of professional gamers throughout the galaxy.  The Vault delivers better console stability and solves the perennial problem of where exactly do I leave my xbox 360 controller when I'm finished playing.  Yes finally your controller has a home.

Elderly: okay well done.. now we just need to wrap it up.. something short and snappy
Alf The Helper: I dunno I don't like selling stuff plus i't a stand.....why are they calling it a vault...
Elderly: I dunno.. I'd call it a housing... okay ready.. now with emotion...

As the manufacturers care as much about your beloved Xbox 360 as you do, they've made what can only be described as a humanitarian gesture by dropping their price by a whopping 40% making it theeeee most affordable Xbox 360 ..erm.. modification available...

You know..... your console needs this.

Elderly: Excellent right that's a wrap...
Alf The Helper: I hate myself.. can I go back to making wallpaper now!?
Elderly: Yes yes of course...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Remember Me Game Trailer and Gameplay Video

Remember Me Game box art
Remember Me Game Preview

Remember Me is a cyber punk action themed release developed by Dontnod Entertainment, published by Capcom and due May 2013 for xbox 360, Ps3 and Windows. 

You play Nilin, a Welsh Actress, with the..

Alf The Helper: ahhh boss you'ved skipped a line...

..yes yes.. sorry, you play as Nilin a memory hunter with the ability to tap into people's minds and steal or rearrange their memories.  Nilin is voiced by Welsh Actress Kezia Burrows

Elderly: ..what?  that's it! what else do we know about it?
Alf The Helper: ah not much else, I'll check wikipedia...

Sorry bout this... erm....minor technical glitch....Nilin's former employer, Memoreyes, has erased her memories and you.. she.. must discover why and how to restore them....erm..features exploration, platforming, and melee combat...


So in the absense of any real info, we present the significant trailers...

Alf The Helper: Why has she got a fried egg on the back of her neck!?
Elderly: ..dunno.. shssh this is the best bit...
Alf The Helper: She dosen't sound Welsh..
Elderly: She trained at RADA
Alf The Helper: ohh right....

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Okami HD Review Summary Ps3

Okami HD is an action adventure released via Playstation Network in October 2012.  Essentially the ummph version (supporting Playstation's Move) of the critically acclaimed (IGN's Game of the Year 2006) but poorly selling Ps2 game developed by the now defunct Clover Studio  and published by Capcom.

The game draws on Japanese myths to tell the story of how the land was saved from darkness by the Sun Goddess, taking the physical form of a white wolf. The environment is an animated watercolor and ink styled, cel-shaded delight for the eyes and the gameplay a mix of action, platform, and puzzle gaming genres.

For a re-release, the HD version scored an extraordinary 90% from 39 critic reviews on Metacritic

Quote of the Bunch:
Okami HD is a great example of what games can accomplish outside the realm of guns and gore, and I love it for that.  Machinima

Reviews Summary.
An experience that should not be missed, ahead of its time with its initial release.
A timeless classic, full of charm, subtle ingenuity, and beauty, remade in stunning HD.
Sad to see that after six years it is still one of the best examples of its genre.
The true vision of the creators has seemingly been realized, in glorious 1080p high definition.
Just as good of a game today as it was six years ago.
An essential part of any collection, especially in this flawless, gorgeous reissue.
Shows some signs of aging, it remains an awe-inspiring experience like no other.
Even more potent today than it was in 2006, Okami is Zelda's one and only match

Official Website

Alf The Helper: So your telling me that the original developers created a timeless classic, a jewel in the crown of video games, ... and yet because of poor sales of this veritable masterpiece, they went out of business?
Elderly: Essentially .... Yes
Alf The Helper: But that... that... that just makes me sad.... :(
Elderly: And so it should...
Alf The Helper: Well...in the words of Carly Rae Jepsen.. A change is going to come..
Elderly: .....that would be Sam Cooke...
Alf The Helper: Where?
Elderly: .. no Alf... the lyrics.... that would be Sam Cooke... A change is goin to come...
Alf The Helper: Not Carly.. !? ...I was so sure, you could have called me Maybel...
Elderly: no that's ....Call me maybe .. sigh.... Alf take a lie down.... please

Monday, January 07, 2013

Fanmade Assassin's Creed 3 Music Video Imagine Dragons


From the noteworthy video editing talents of manllamaking, featuring the track "Radioactive" from the US Rock band Imagine Dragons and the epic battlefield assassination brought to life by those obscenely talented Ubisoft wizards.

Official Game Website

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