Saturday, May 05, 2012

Rosh Online The Return of Karos mmorpg Wallpaper

All sized 1920x1200

Rosh Online The Return of of Karos, is a free to play online mmorpg, and essentially an upgraded version of Karos Online.

Based in a world torn by blood, the once peaceful ROSH council has fallen to the Ismaul clan. Now warriors around the kingdom are taking up arms to usurp the Ismaul and restore the council that once brought peace and democracy to the land,

The game features a faster leveling system, a competive PvE "etreme instance dungeon",  hunting, fishing, and mining to forge powerful armor sets and an ubiquitous, faction warfare element.

Official Game Site

Alf The Helper: Edible game wallpaper, whatever will  they think of next!?
Elderly: No Alf! scrumptious as in ..sigh! forget it....
Alf The Helper: I'll get the salt and vinegar....
Elderly: Sigh!!!


Kayla Liyn said...

Are you playing ROSH Online? See if you share the same points made in this latest ROSH Online review.

Elderly Gamer said...

Hiya Kayla Liyn, Thanks for heads up!