Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saints Row The Third Review Summary

On release with an 18 certificate, in US and Australia, set for Eu release on 18th November 2011, for xbox 360, Ps3, and Windows.

You control the leader of the Third Street Saints in the city of Steelport, with the story focusing on the gang war with The Syndicate, a rival criminal group.  The game blends third-person action and driving sequences through an open-ended storyline, with freedom to complete missions as you see fit. However your decisions will ultimately affect the game's ending.

The games open world action, drew praise from critics, however many felt the story missions themselves do not allow for much creativity.  The games self aware humour however had the critics divided, some describing it as borderline offensive, others praising it's creativity. 

One odd and I hope, tongue in cheek, theme running throughout the reviews, embraces the notion that onscreen mindless violence is what video games are for. 

This hasn't detracted from a rather extraordinary current score of 87% xbox 360 and 81% Ps3 on Metacritic.com

Quote of the bunch:
"When you just want to indulge in some mindless violence and sexual depravity, this will more than suffice"

Reviews Summary
Ludicrous and lewd, but it's also a joy to play
Some amazing moments... and some truly abysmal ones
A lack of technical polish and weak combat overshadow its achievements
The ultimate sandbox, fans of the series will have a blast
A fun romp that doesn't take itself too seriously, defines what it means to have fun playing games
Shining novelties fueled by base guffaws quickly devolve into gimmicks
It's juvenile, occasionally objectionable
More intense, more chaotic, more bizarre
Missions vary wildly, and they're almost all bombastic, popcorn-movie affairs

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Bickle77 said...

Loving the Quote of the bunch :) And who can turn down mindless violence and sexual depravity? No-one thats who.

Has this series got progressively odder as the games have progressed btw? The first Saints Row seemed like a GTA clone to me but with more gang-ey type shenanigans. Didnt quite connect with it tho so overlooked Saints Row 2... Then I hear this has giant rabbits, human catapults and dildo firing weapons or something?

The Elderly said...

Like you avoided the first game and second games for the very same reason although the developers and some of the critics insist it isn't a GTA clone.

And yes ahem... the The Penetrator, a mellee weapon didn't make it past the Japanese censors
THQ was told to remove the "veins and physics"

Bickle77 said...

LOL. Thats the great thing about video games. In no other media would a company be told to remove the "veins and physics."

The Elderly said...

LOL and who in there right mind would pick purple as the Penetrator colour!

Personally I blame it all on Rainbow Islands...