Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough Guides

March 2012 and the release of Mass effect 3 is a long way away I admit.   But having spent some blissful hours replaying my favourite femshep through the reduced priced dlc on xbox live, a peek was in order to see what I might have missed had I pressed that paragon button a little more often.

Download Content
If your as baffled as me by the rating system for download content on xbox live, a brief review of the  metacritc scores for each downloadable episode.

Lair of the Shadow Broker 87%
Overlord 86%
Kasumi 71%
Arrival 65%
Pinnacle Station 48%

So without further ado, for all two of you reading this
Mass Effect Walkthrough the best
DLC and main game guides, from Gamefaq
Photo guide, loyalty quest and assignments 1up 
Character import guide, Insanity tips gamebomb
Wiki for character bios, weapon stats, and everything else

Alf the helper: I've been through these and not one of them tells me what's with the toilet flushing?
Elderly: Wait you spent the last 2 hours looking for information on the toilet flusing
Alf the helper: erm... yep!
Elderly: Alf Alf Alf... :(
Alf the helper: Well it's important, people need to know, I mean why build a separate room...and then  there's the trash compactor I mean they must ..... mr.Elderly...? Elderly? wher'd he go?


fatherkrishna said...

God I'm so far behind the times! I still haven't played my Mass Effect 1 disc yet. I always swore I'd never want to commit all those hours to the game... But then I crumbled and bought a pre-owned copy for about £7.
That was about three months ago and it remains in it's box to this day...

Got to have at least played the first one before ME3 comes out! Still, as I'm only just getting to grips with Zelda Ocarina of Time 13 years after it's original release, I might not make it!

The Elderly said...

:) Hiya FK! I hear you loud and clear, so many games so little time, role on retirement...