Thursday, April 12, 2007

Guitar Hero II Review (xbox 360)

Amid intitial discontent with isolated glitchy whammy bars (quickly resolved by Red Octane), and continued criticism of the hefty price for downloadable song packs, the game went down a storm with reviewers. Scoring a staggering 93% from 31 reviews on

Reviews Summary
More or less the perfect video game
Squeezing every last penny out of 360 gamers, but the most fun you can have by playing a videogame.
Buy this game, the fantasy experience is pure rock and roll excess. Your personal stairway to heaven awaits.
An improvement (if a slight one) over the five-star PS2 original
Far and away the definitive version of the game and certainly worth the extra ten bucks
A great rock-and-roll art style that works extremely well
A few misgivings about some of the track choices, but I enjoyed absolutely everything about Guitar Hero II.

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DEITRIX said...

... not sure if this is my kinda' game..? Any of you guys have this..?

gnome said...

MSGAFAA all the way, though I guess I'll wait till GH 3 hits the Wii. Apparently Killer Queen will be a featured song!

The Elderly said...

my bank manager has trained a sniper to shoot me in the head....if I purchase anything over €100

Killer Queen .. classic!....

shhseeeeeeeeeesss a killer QueeeeeeNN

gnome said...


The Elderly said...