Sunday, May 14, 2006

Huxley Preview

Huxley is a massively multiplayer online first person shooting game utilizing the UNREAL3 engine to create a world of up to 5,000 players in the same gaming environment. Huxley takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where human beings have mutated and are divided into two opposing races, Sapiens and Alternative. At the center of the battle for survival is Lunarites, a promising new energy source highly coveted by both races. Forced to battle against one another for the continuance of each race, Sapiens and Alternatives will do whatever it takes to wipe out the opposition and gain control of the world and its resources.

Due "sometime" in 2007

UPDATE! motherload of Huxley screenshots (thanks to kind commenter)

Gamespot e3 preview
Huxley fansite
Official Website
Teamxbox Screenshots
Trailers from IGN (4)

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Shane said...

Oh yeah this is looking nice, I can't wait for the release later this year, fingers crossed that there are no delays.

The Elderly said...

finger and toes Shane, ... though the cramps are painful...

Huxley Screenshots said...

I have to say it really sucks still not really having any real release dates but I see that HuxleyGame have put up some more screenshots which I have linked if you click my name it should take you there I think.

I am going to cross my fingers now too!

The Elderly said...

hi huxley, much appreciated link, which i've taken the liberty of adding to the main post. hope we dont' all end up with arthritic joints.... (relaxes crossed fingers, checks circulation, recrosses fingers...)