Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Game Innovation Database

Spurred on by miraclous discoveries, of rare internet treasures, by a certain Gnomeslair , the elderly presents a once of, hardly ever to be repeated

A wiki style offering, with such gems as

The first game to track high scores Seawolf
First use of digitized sound without a sound card Meanstreets
First use of Analog Swing Trigger Nintendo 64
First Arcade Video Game Computer Space

Although I have my doubts about the first game ever to include a sniper rifle, Surely that was "midwinter" , having suffered acute snowblindness playing it, my memory could be a bit fuzzy.

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gnome said...

Another amazing post! AND a refernce to Midwinter's sniper rifle. AND a great site I've never heard of. Thank you Mr. Elderly, and also thanks for so graciously linking to my humble lair...

The Elderly said...

Thank you dear Gnome, Not so humble your humble blog. with the memory span of a gnat, the midwinter reference was a miracle.

DEITRIX said...

160,000 scale square miles. There is a total of 32 characters in the game who can be rallied to your cause... Wow, this gives Oblivion some competition!! ;o

The Elderly said...

At the time it was a revelation, and at created the same buzz as oblivion albeit amongst a much smaller audience.