Monday, May 01, 2006

Firefly ultimate links list

Just spent the long weekend watching first 7 episodes of Firefly. Why this show was cancelled after just 9 episodes is beyond me, thankfully fan pressure and extraordinary dvd sales convinced Universal Studios to buy the rights to make a full blown movie called "Serenity". Perhaps continued fan pressure can convince Fox or indeed Universal to start a new series. In the meantime the following links should provide you with enough content to keep the dream alive. Interestingly is doing it's best to drum up interest in a subscriber only season. An essential fan site, fan fiction, fan art, forum, news updates
Serenity Movie website
White African Serenity wallpaper (9)
Canadian browncoats
Done the impossible the fans tale behind firefly and serenity campaigning for a new series of firefly
Dusk till dawn episode guide
Firefly fansite banners, wallpaper, fiction
browncoats rise again some viral marketing tips for some professional quality wallpaper (9) some more wallpaper (15)
Browncoats forum

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