Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Game Wallpaper and Websites edition 8

Auto Assault Game Wallpaper
 Auto Assault 2006 size 1366x768

N3 Ninety Nine Nights Game Wallpaper
N3 Ninety Nine Nights sized 1280x720

God of War Game Wallpaper Ps2
God of War Ps2 sized 1280x960

Red Steel 2006 sized 1366x768

Greetings dear webternet traveller, once again I've set out on my pilgrimage and brought back some essential game wallpaper for you.  In my eternal search for the best, the cheapest and the almost forgotten gems of gaming legend, it appears, that unless there's a series or a franchise, six years can render a game website redundant.  Sniff!
But the images live on....

Auto Assault: Released April 2006 for PC, was a MMOAG combining vehicular combat and rpg elements, set in a post apocalyptic future.  Shutdown 2007 due to lack of subscribers.
Official Fansite still up!

N3 Ninety Nine Nights: Released April 2006, a fantasy hack and slash xbox 360 exclusive.
Website is gone and this is kinda cheating, but...
Website (in Japanese from the Wayback machine)

God of War: Released March 2005 for Ps2, third person action action adventure, with the series still going strong and expecting a new release March 2013 in the shape of God of War:Ascension. 
Official God of War Ascension website

Red Steel: Wii exclusive released 2006, first person shooter with a sequel released 2010.  Original Game website is gone to be replaced with i'ts sequel
Red Steel 2 Site

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Elderly: and my bloody mouth.... :(

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