Monday, October 29, 2012

Game Tattoo #10

Tom Rutki Final Fantasy VII Game Tattoo

Game Tattoo Fatal Frame 2

SWTOR Game Tattoo

Link Legend of Zelda Game Tattoo

The latest collection of awesome gaming tattoos direct to you from the Wuberternet.  When I started this series of posts back in 2006 finding even a game tattoo image on the net was nigh impossible.  Now finding the images is easy enough but blast me if it's just as difficult to find the owner.  So imagine my delight when, in a first for the Elderly Gamer, we actually found our first Game Tattoist link, a mr. Tom Ruki from Tenacious Tattos with his stunning Final Fantasy VII Tattoo, Sephiroth and the Jenova Doll (top image).

Remember Tattoos are for life, or a very painful and expensive laser removal session.

Top to Bottom:

Tom Ruki on Facebook
Sae from Fatal Frame II on Tumblr
Swtor tattoo on Reddit
Link from Legend of  Zelda (no source, grrrrr...)

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Alf The Helper: Can I get a game tattoo?
Elderly: Of what?
Alf The Helper: I was thinking of a rat from Dishonored
Elderly: Yes okay, but what Game Tattoo do you want
Alf The Helper: I was thin... a rat.. like the ones in Dishonored
Elderly: A rat!? ...a dirty, infested, sewer stinking rat!?
Alf The Helper: you put it like that...


Anonymous said...

The Link is my tattoo

Elderly Gamer said...

Do you want me to include a web address? Or remove the photo. Very very cool tattoo btw