Sunday, June 11, 2006

BoA and Ninety Nine Nights

BoA is a Korean super star who crossed the sea to become one of the most popular songstresses in Japan. Her January 2003 Japanese debut album, Valenti, topped the charts two weeks in a row and ended up selling 1.4 million copies. BoA has previously done the honors for game soundtracks, providing the theme song for Koei's Samurai Warriors and more recently N3 Nintety Nine Nights

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Your Colour (from ninety nine nights) thanks to blu3crush

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Ross said...

Nice videos

The Elderly said...

Wish I could take the credit, but yes they have charm. Here's hoping N3 Ninety Nine Nights is more than just a Dynasty warriors clone. Thanks for the comment Ross! (pours ross a cup of tea)