Monday, December 17, 2012

Game Graphics Farcry 3 Nicolas Collings

Farcry 3 box art

10 minutes plus, with it's own chapter selection list.

Thanks to the skinning abilities of a certain Mr.Bickle on Gaming Ales, I may have found my last game purchase of 2012.  So having watched the 10 minute trailer, an unhealthy number of times, I  dug a little deeper and found the outlandishly talented Mr. Nicolas Collings Lead/Supervisor Character Modeler and Texture Painter with Blur Studio.

Not alone select character models for Farcry 3, but Mr. Collings has also contributed to the Game Cinematics on.....

Injustice Gods Among Us (Capcom) - 2012
The guardians of the middle earth (Monolith) - 2012
PlanetSide 2 ( Sony Online Entertainment) - 2012
Dishonored (Bethesda) -2012
Resident Evil Raccoon City (Capcom) - 2011
Overstrike (Insomniac Games) - 2011
Lost Planet 3 (Capcom) - 2011

Official Website
On CGhub

Far Cry 3 Official Website


Bickle77 said...

Woah! Thanks for the mention Mr. Elderly!!! Hono(u)red!!

Elderly Gamer said...

Santa didn't drop a copy over your house by mistake by any chance? :