Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Killzone 2

3rd in the series of 32 ps3 titles reportedly due 1st October 2006.

Sony's answer to Halo?
The trailers had been touted by Sony as rendered footage from the in-game engine, showing the expected quality of the ps3. Numerous Game forums suggest otherwise (example link). Streaming Game trailer (Ps3 Sony press showreel opens in new window and resizes your browser) from Game

"A non-linear and intensely cinematic gameplay experience that combines elements from multiple genres" Pert preview, 10 screenshots remastered downloadable E3 2005 reel from IGN

Sony's acquistion of Guerilla games (original Killzone developers) in December 2005

Guerilla games website (where their still recruiting programmers and lead graphic artists for their "flagship" title). Another reason not to beleive the hype about the October release date.

Cheatsdotcom Killzone2 cheats 9 months in advance of any game release (Premature if not unsavoury ranking wannabe, )

Official Killzone Forum with a number of ask the Developer threads and fans KZ2 wishlist.

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