Monday, January 30, 2012

Final Fantasy Xiii-2 Reviews Summary

Release Dates For Xbox 360 and Ps3:Japan Dec 15th 2011
US Feb Jan 31st 2012
Aus Feb 2nd
Eu Feb 3rd

Fantajī Sātīn Tsū or Final Fantasy XIII-2, is the eagerly awaited sequel to the 2009 RPG, Final Fantasy XIII, taking up the story three years after the original.  Lightning has gone and got herself disappeared and her younger sister Serah Farron and newcomer Noel Kreiss must find her. Shimple! well not so shimple as you would imagine.
A new combat system has been designed to counter criticism levelled at the original. In addition a new feature to control the difficulty of battles has been included plus the ability to  tame monsters and add them to your party. And if that wasn't enough to contend with there's the Mog Clock, Live Trigger, Temporal Rift and the Historia Crux System.

Enough already! is it any good? An  overview of the current reviews suggest that whilst the story may be a bit laclustre, it appears we've finally got the 13th edition of final fantasy we had hoped for.

Japanese Games Magazine Famitsu gave the game a perfect score, a pretty rare achievement, but it appears us Western folk weren't as captivated, with some of the review scores looking generous when compared to the review content.

Scoring 80% (xbox 360) and 79% (Ps3) respectively on , FFXIII-2 still musters up a punch and  a must buy for us die hard Final Fantasy nuts.

Reviews Summary

Quote of the Bunch: Progression is player-driven, combat is even more entertaining, and an array of other adjustments makes it one of my favorite RPGs from a mechanical perspective. I just want all of that integrated with a story that isn't laughable and borderline insulting, and that's where Final Fantasy XIII-2 falters. Game Informer

Despite its disappointingly open ending, FF XIII-2 surpasses the original in every way.
Does very little to stand out on its own merits
It isn't a timeless adventure in the grand tradition of the beloved series
A great J-rpg, with an amazing amount of content.
A mishmash of interesting systems and bold ideas that never quite gel
A very enjoyable return to more familiar grounds
Substandard combat and unrefined level replays. Good, but not good enough.
It can conjure a feeling that's a combination of love, hate, derision and awe.
It isn't just a sequel, as it carves out its own tale to stand among the Final Fantasy pantheon.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wallpaper on Rendered Beauty
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wallpaper on Beautry Re-Rendered
Final Fantasy XIII02 Wallpaper on Just Walls

Alf the Helper: If Lightning has disappeared, then how will they know when they've found her?
Elderly: I don't catch your drift, which isn't a surprise to me, but where are you going with this?
Alf the Helper: Well let's say they do catch up with her, then how would they know? if she's invisible?
Elderly: But she's no.... wait she's disappeared.. not... Alf please... find something to do
Alf the Helper: I could stay here and look out for the leprechaun :)
Elderly: Something to do... a long way away from here, preferably somewhere dark and sound proofed.
Alf the Helper: :(


gnome said...

(sits next to Alf)


I know nothing. I understand nothing. Also... is there a plot? By whom? To what end? Why? Haven't they done enough already?

The Elderly said...

Greetings most noble and industrious Gnome :)

Okay I must admit a lack of plot has never stopped me playing a game before, but it Final Fantasy! It's supposed to move me...... :(

Gnome, could you do me a favour and show Alf the difference between disappeared and invisible, I'll get the brandy.....

Alf The Helper said...

:( I'm mot going to like this, am I?

gnome said...

Of course you are Alf dear. Now, let me just drink a bit and I will properly demonstrate.


The Elderly said...

Heee Heee... :)

Alf the Helper said...

but.. I don't (Spluttterrr......) it tastes.. can you drink this sh... (Splutterrr....) Gnome it's okay i can drink myself, there's no need to force.....(Spluttterrrrr......spit!!!!)

hic!... now look what you've done I've got the hiccups.... :(


and the room ish spinning....

(grabs bottle from Gnome....)

...yunno... who careshhhh about the tasthhhte.... tis powerful stufff!


:) Gnome me old pal.....

(moves to hug Gnome..)

gnome said...

I've been hugged by a disappearing Alf? I have.


Alf the Helper said...

:( aye tish sad indeed, for no icon or ava ... avaty...

..HIc! ( belch )

for no avatar or photo has I to me name,


Picless I am, forsooth....

(Alf begins to cry.....)