Monday, January 09, 2012

Amy, The Game Review Summary

From the creator of Flashback, a survival horror, set to launch on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday 11th January 2012.

Amy Official Website

Plot: A comet strike has brought havoc on humanity, unleashing a deadly virus that has infected almost everyone.  Lana regains consciousness in the midst of chaos, roads have been destroyed, walls crumbling, electricity cables cut.

As Lana begins to feel the effects of the virus she meets Amy, a seemingly defenseless eight-year-old autistic girl who has curious powers. Together, they must fight or run from the infected humans, demons and the military, in the hope of not only saving each other, but also the future of humanity. 

What it says on the tin: A new approach to the survival horror genre, a unique experience at the crossroads of horror, adventure, action and
stealth. The co-operative gameplay featured in Amy is a deep and unique system that requires players to think carefully
in order to keep both characters alive.

Cool bits: Players must use Amy's size and special abilities to their advantage by keeping her close in order to ward off the virus,
and having her complete tasks that Lana can't..  Holding Amy's hand sends vibrations to the controller in sync with Amy's
heartbeat.  If danger is present or approaching, Amy's heartbeat will increase.

Cost Issue: In the US, Amy will cost 800 Microsoft Points ($10) while its PSN counterpart $3 more, $12.99.
Update! Lexis Numérique and VectorCell announced that they will drop the PlayStation Network price of AMY to $9.99, pushing the release date back to January 17th. 

Reviews Summary:
Scoring 22% Xbox 360 and 36% Ps3 on, it's fate is sealed :(
Pick of the Review bunch

"Hugely disappointing download is not just a failure as a survival horror but as a video game"

Technically shoddy, poorly designed and unbearably frustrating
An imaginative concept and some strong design are undone by a game that's gruelling in all the wrong ways.
Amy rises above the zombie splatter masses
Grueling death-march through a gauntlet of poor design choices 
It is terrible and should be avoided.
Alf the helper: So are we getting it then?
Elderly: I dunno, the reviews kinda sunk my boat.
Alf the helper: There's a boat?
Elderly: No.. it was just a figure of... are you really... nevermind..
Alf the helper: I like boats, we should get it!
Elderly: 8/


Bickle77 said...

Its a bit like the Titanic. It looked awesome and everyone was looking forward to it. The reality was they ended up cold, wet and miserable (and dead in some cases :(

gnome said...

It really can't be that bad now, can it? Can it Alf?

(slaps Alf)

Alf the Helper said...

Ouch! :('s got boats!!

The Elderly said...

(....delivers a rabbit punch to the defenceless Alf)


It hasn't got friggin BOATS!!!!!

(Steps over the unconcious Alf to greet his esteemed guests)

Greetings beautiful peoples :) ahem, ...sorry about that little unpleasantness.....

@bickle77 kinda sad, it looked so promising, it had all the elements to be superb, but I can see myself downloading it, though not for 800 microsoft points :(

@Gnome I so wanted this to be great, passable even, I thought Ico.... sniff... :(
can I borrow a hankie?

Bickle77 said...

Yeah, it looked like it was gonna be an interesting new take on the whole zombie/survival horror thing. But yeah may be one to look out for when hits 400 ms points. Here's a hankie btw. It's a clean one.

The Elderly said...

Sniff! ....

Thanks Bickle, your a pal...:)

(elderly dries his tears and blows his nose)



(elderly's face turns red with embarrassment)

I'll ....wash it!
get it back to you latter
.... sorry bout that!

Alf the Helper said...

(Alf regains consciousness?....)

...What happened!?


The Elderly said... worries Alf, just a passing BOAT,
....lucky you survived!