Friday, April 21, 2006

Fantasy Art #4 Victoria Frances

Born Valencia, Spain, Victoria Frances cites as her influence the art of Luis Royo and Brom and the writing of Edgar Alan Poe, Anne Rice and HP lovecraft. Making her first public appearance in 2004 at the Barcelona comic fair dressed in the same flowing style as her characters. Her goth-inspired art is typified by ghostly women in long dresses. Victoria Frances created her first book of a gothic romantic fantasy reminiscent of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, filled with tales of vampires, magic, and the undying spirit of lovers which reaches across the centuries.
Principal publications to date: Favole Stone Tears, Favole Free Me, Angel Wings

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The Epitome Of Vampire Beings said...

Victoria Frances is amazing

The Elderly said...

indeed she is

inara said...

her artwork is fantastic, like that of royo it not only sends me chills, but sends my mind to a state of inspiration

The Elderly said...

fully agree, couldn't have put it better.....