Friday, May 26, 2006

Hitman Blood Money Review

Seems IO interactive have just managed to scrape over the bar again, with generally favourable reviews for both the xbox and ps2 versions. With only two reviews to date for the 360 format, one wonders whether "generally favourable" is worth €74.99*/£51/$95 for the next gen version. Reviews based on Metacritic analysis

Xbox 77% based on only 5 reviews

If your a hitman fan, this will make you fall in love all over again (?)
Wade through mission after mission of trial and error gameplay
Better than the last, but not by much
Dosen't offer the subtlety necessary for a great premise to be really satisfying
AI could do with improvement, save system gets a minus point

PS2 78% based on only 5 reviews
Blood Money is without question the best Hitman yet
New features make it feel like a real sequel: money, notoriety, and publicity
Can be punishing at times, but hugely compelling and stylish

* based on prices gleaned from HMV/Game/Virgin retail stores in Ireland.

Official website
Screenshots from gamespot


gnome said...

Well, 75 euros is really to much. I mean really, really. Especially when playing the same Hitman game with slightly better graphics. I mean, a Dreamcast with a few games would cost 75 euros.

75 euros = almost 5 bottles of Hose Cuervo Especial...

The Elderly said...

I hic! concur, they'd even throw in the hic! lemmings for nothing. Sorry lemons.

DEITRIX said...

Thinking I will rent the 360 version of this first to play it safe... I read the reviews, but cant tell if I would actually want to buy it..?

The Elderly said...

rental is a good option.

DEITRIX said...

I played the 360 demo off of Xbox live and I wasnt to impressed at all... I dont think I will be getting this one.

DEITRIX said...

I will add that the demo for Lost Planet was pretty awesome though!! My favorite demo outta' all of them!

The Elderly said...

Haven't downloaded the Hitman demo, but now I'll save my broadband download allowance.

The Lost Planet demo was enjoyable, the controls took a bit of getting used to, and it reminded me of "the thing" from a year or so ago. Still I preservered and i'm looking forward to the final release, hope it's up to scratch.

lee said...

hitman is impressive on xbox 360 the graphics arer good and the game play alwayts improves hitman gets better and bettera brilliant game and for £50 is cheap for such a great game

The Elderly said...

hi lee, glad to hear the graphics are up to scratch, encouraging to hear the gameplay remains true to the series. For £50 though I'd be hoping the game might just cook breakfast for me as well. thanks for the tip, I'll try out the demo.