Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jaws Unleashed Review (ps2, xbox)

"Take control of Jaws the Great White Shark while playing out the themes and locations from the JAWS film universe". Though you'd wonder why you'd bother, with a score of 53% for the xbox format, and 55% for the Ps2 from

Xbox reviews summary
glitches, camera issues, satisfying missions, large environment, unique combat
about as much fun as having your leg chewed off
Fans of the film will love it, but prepare to wrestle with controls
technical flaws, but the savagery makes it fun (???)
lacklustre camera, collission detection, graphics

Ps2 reviews summary
Playing as a killer shark a refreshing change of pace
Reasonable amount of fun at a budget price
Unforgivable gameplay
In the spirit of generosity about 30 minutes of fun

Official website (don't bother)
Gamespot screenshots
IGN Trailers
Gamestats popularity rating 40.7%

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DEITRIX said...

Well... pass on this one I guess.

The Elderly said...

And that's a nod of agreement from the other side of the room.

DEITRIX said...

The original Jaws was a great movie tho'!

The Elderly said...

at the time, it frightened the plasticine out of me. Haven't watched in a while, time for a Sunday night repeat methinks.

The Elderly said...

that it is xbox ps3.. overlooked at launch, but it's gathered a huge fanbase since..