Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What is Text Twist? Free Online Flash Games

Text Twist

One of the delights of getting older is the opportunity it affords you to regress.  Not content with taking on the latest state of the art console games, a quick tour through the latest free online flash games, brought me to a little gem called Text Twist.

Simple enough, you start out with six letters and must rearrange them to form as many words as you can.  Using your keyboard and or you mouse you simply select the 3, 4, 5 or oh my goodness... 6 letters you feel you can form into a recognisable word. Succeed in findng a word and it's slotted over the left side of the screen for you to chuckle at.

The object of each level is to find the 6 letter word, allowing you passage to the next level.  Oh and there's a timer, forgot that bit, important too as completing the six letter word within the time limit affords you a bonus score.  In case your still awake, the "Twist" part of "Text Twist", is the ability to Twist or rearrange the letters to help you better complete your objective.

The link I'm using is to the MSN site, though other versions exist, the msn site offers a mobile version...... erm... for mobiles and a "deluxe" downloadabubble version.  At my last visit there were 2,047 people playing, seems I'm not the only one who enjoys a few minutes brain massage.

Right...back to Darksiders.

Thank you for listening :)

Text Twist on MSN

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