Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fan Made Farcry 3 Facebook Cover

all sized 851x315
With the holidays in full swing and the incredible demand for this Ubisoft gem leaving local stores without stock, even Santa had difficulties getting me a gift wrapped copy.  With a red Porche also on the missing pressi list I'm begining to think that perhaps Santa prioritises his younger clients at Christmas. A most unfortunate development I'm sure you'll agree.

All this leaves me, for the one and only time in my gaming history, regretting that I hadn't pre-ordered.

In an effort to ease my disapointment and with the Forum Avatar business in sharp decline I've instructed Alf the Helper to knock up some Facebook banners for your approval.

And in case you've just escaped captivity from a desert island somewhere, Farcry 3 is an open world FPS with RPG elements set on a cluster of islands at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  You play as Jason Brody on vacation until things take a turn for the worse and you find yourself fighting for survival, saving your kidnapped friends and escaping the islands and their ...erm interesting inhabitants.

or so I'm told... I wouldn't know... would I Santa?

Offical Website

Alf The Helper: Yeah and Santa forgot the phone number I asked for as well....
Elderly: asked Santa for a phone number?
Alf The Helper: Yeah.. why what's wrong with that?
Elderly: ..but a phone number, why would you... !!....Scarlett Johansson's number?
Alf The Helper: Yep! I was am.. going to phone and wish her a happy new year and stuff..
Elderly:  The wall full of photos, the shrine, the t-shirt...the teddy bear you nicknamed Scarlett? Your becoming obsessed you know that?
Alf The Helper: But I'm .. If she just met me... ?.. you think?
Elderly: ...Alf, a Shrine!?
Alf The Helper: Sniff... I can take it down..

(Alf leaves to dismantle the shrine and Elderly rips up Santas' card with the ultra secret phone number...)


Bickle77 said...

One of those are *so* going on my Facebook thingy.

Sorry to hear the big SC didn't come up with the goods :( Maybe he'd started on the sherry too early and forgot.

You're not able to retrieve that ripped up card from the bin are you? I could do with that number...

Elderly Gamer said...


I ... I ah.. (gulp) threw the pieces in the fire..

That's a bad thing.. right?

But.. there'll be other ..erm.. Christmasses...

Here have some Baileys and ice, and maybe a lilac macaroon?