Saturday, September 01, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trailer, Preview

Promo Trailer
Successor to the 1990 title, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the eight major release in the Tekken fighting game series.  Set for a staggered release on Ps3 and Xbox 360 between the 10th and 14th of September with a promised Wii U version due in December 2012.

The game will feature the largest Tekken roster ever with over 50 characters from the Tekken stable (see list on wikipedia and visit the official website for the full character bios), an all new Practice Mode called "Fight Lab", 3D support again a "first" for a fighting game, "Tekken Tunes" allowing for the selection of your own imported music tracks, "World Tekken Federation" an online stat board, and apparently the first stat tracking service created for a fighting game ever and then of course there's multiplayer for up to four players. 

"Big Bikini Bundle" featuring over 150 swimsuits, will be available as a pre-order bonus in addition to the "Snoop Dogg Stage" a combat arena featuring Snoop Dogg on his throne "flanked by two fly honeys", and additional early access to DLC characters.

Alf The Helper: Bahh... gimmicks...fanservice..!!!
Elderly: Alf!! wash your mouth out!!!

Off course ye old Tekken modes are still there including the two versus two tag rules seen in the original Tekken Tag Tournament along with Arcade, Time Attack, Ghost Battle and Survival modes. Like the DOA series the combat arenas are tiered with destructible elements. 

But in once sense I must agree with Alf, it appears all the extras have unfortunately overshadowed any realistic preview of precisely how good the gameplay is at present.  If your a Tekken fan you'll eat it up and have already most likely pre-ordered, for those new to the series wait for the strobe lights, crowd cheers and the standing ovations....if they ever come.

Official Website
IGN's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 wiki
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper on Just Walls

Alf The Helper: popcorn!!?
Elderly: No popcorn this time, but in sparing the expence of sending you on a cookery course, I've good news!
Alf The Helper: you have! good! and that is?  :)
Elderly: I'm waiting on the delivery of a popcorn augmentation device
Alf The Helper: Oh goody! a popcorn augmentation device.... what's that exactly?
Elderly: Wait and see little Alf, all will be revealed...
Alf The Helper: I'm so excited...
Elderly: You say that now.. I mean yes I know you are...
Alf The Helper: :)


Bickle77 said...

Never got into Tekken for some reason. I was more a Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat fan. I wonder if this new one will be ok for n00bs...? The Fight Lab thing sounds kinda cool...

Elderly Gamer said...

Hiya Bickle! :)

Unfortunately Dead or Alive has always been my fighting game, a genre I've tired of though, purely because I'm tragically bad at it.

My memory of Tekken on the playstation is tough and unforgiving, but that was a long time ago.

Those critics that did get past the new additions, were happy that the Tekken gameplay of old hadn't changed radically.

Apart from a little wobble with Tekken 4, the series has been awarded consistently high scores...

...we're going to need our thinking caps for this one...

Anonymous said...

Been playing a lot of Tekken Tag 2 the last couple weeks. Gotta say, absolutely fantastic game. I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely worth the buy.

Elderly Gamer said...

Thanks for the heads up Anon :) seriously thinking of changing my brand loyalty, from what I've read TTT2 is the best release in years...

....decisions decisions