Thursday, January 03, 2013

Far Cry 3 Wallpaper

Far Cry 3 Game Wallpaper
Far Cry 3 Wallpaper
Far Cry 3 Wallpaper
Hi! this is Alf the Helper here... :)

Mr.Elderly is indisposed at present and I can confirm, still without a copy of this console gem.  To cheer him up I put together this selection of Far Cry 3 Wallpaper as found on the wubternet.

Get well soon mr.Elderly

(Mr. Elderly has asked me to relay that rumours of his current state being directly related to the build up of bile having tried unsucessfully to obtain a copy of Far Cry 3 in his local retail stores........ without basis.)

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Bickle77 said...

Oh noes!! I hope Mr. Elderly is going to berate the local video game emporium owner for not stocking enough Far Cry 3!

Great wallpapers btw

Elderly Gamer said...

:) Sorted!!..... Feeling much better now!!..........ssa fabulous game...

(Hugs Alf...)

Alf The Helper said...

I can't believe you just did that!!.... Yeuch!!

...Thanks Bickle :)

Bickle77 said...


Its a cracker isn't it. Currently *still* addicted!

Elderly Gamer said...

Stoned on mushrooms, attacked by Komodo Dragons..... Loving it!! Truly remarkable!