Monday, November 28, 2011

Blood Elf Cosplay Lena Lara

Character: Blood Elf from World of Warcraft
Cosplayer: Lena-Lara
Photographer: Christoph Gerlach

Full size images and more from their respective websites.

Is it any wonder it takes me ages to get round to a proper game post.  But at least it's game related!

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Elderly: Psttt! Alf!  do you think I got away with the excuse?
Alf The Helper: Ahhh, just checking, but if I get this question wrong, it's food rations again?
Elderly: Yes!
Alf The Helper: In that case, well yes, I think you got away with it!
Elderly: Good....thought so!
Alf The Helper: ....sigh!!


gnome said...

(a fully convinced gnome:)

Blood Elves are nice. And from what I hear kind too. And heroic.

The Elderly said...

...any you know that are single?

gnome said...

Haven't asked. They definitely do look very single indeed though...

The Elderly said...

Any tips you can give me on dating rituals would be appreciated

(brushs thre strands of hair in one direction....)

How do I look?

gnome said...


Tips on elves eh?

Well, I wouldn't mention bondage really. They are too much into it....

The Elderly said...


right I'll steer away from that topic then...!

that has to be a safe conversation starter...?

gnome said...

Bound food though not so much...

The Elderly said...


..dammit they must have a weak spot, I'm not abandoning my one chance to get close to a blood elf

What about music? :)

zeesh said...

heyyyy nice cosplay, effects and a good looking girl :)

The Elderly said...

Indeed you are spot on, the combination of photo effects, great costume and attractive cosplayer make all the difference

Thanks for comment Zeesh :)