Monday, August 29, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Review Summary

Third offering in the Deus Ex series, available for Ps3 and xbox360. Deus Ex Human Revolution is a cyberpunk inspired game, with events taking place during the year 2027, 25 years before the original Deus Ex.  While many reviewers praised the open-ended nature of the game and the weight of conversations, criticisms were leveled at shortcomings such as ammo quantities, long loading times, and the inclusion of boss fights. Scoring an impressive 88% xbox 360 and 89% Ps3 respectively on Metacritic.  Heed the in-game advice, the direct route is not the only option open to you

"'s in the gameplay that Deus Ex really shines, giving you absolute freedom over how you play"
James Sterling: Games from the Void

Reviews Summary:
Games don't get much better than this
May work better as art than it does as a game
Stands as a worthy successor in the series
Intelligent, fun, challenging and beautifully realized
Problematic gunplay and annoying stealth takedown mechanics
Human Revolution stands proudly alongside the best in cyberpunk fiction
It's a visionary, considered piece of work
Puts almost everything else in the genre to shame

Deus Ex Human Revolution Offical Website
Adam Jensen Wallpaper
Deus Ex Human Revolution Wiki


James Sterling said...

Nice review My friend. I too felt that boss battles let it down. There are a time and a place for bosses and Deus Ex would have existed quite happily without them.

Thanks also for the mention!


The Elderly said...

Greetings :)

(bows to the venerable tweeter and blogger...) I keep thinking about the next replay, what routes are open to me, maybe linger a little longer to enjoy the settings. Deus Ex has certainly hooked me and taken over my free hours..

Now how bout a nice cup of tea?

James Sterling said...

Sounds like a plan! I too am having trouble balancing my 'Work-Deus-Balance'.

I seem to spend a lot of time daydreaming about my next set of augmentations and how they could serve me in tricky situations.

One lump or two?

The Elderly said...

Two please! :)

(passes plate of chocy biscuits to his esteemed guest..)

Got this nagging feeling I'm picking the wrong augs in the game, but If I am messing up I can always start again, and oddly that idea dosen't fill me dread...

In real life, a tranquilser dart for my boss would suffice :)

James Sterling said...

Same, the cloak seemed like a bit of a waste as I'm generally quite stealthy anyway. However, I just discovered that you can use it to get through laser traps. Genius!

Your blog is looking very good at the moment. Something to aspire to!

The Elderly said...

Sweet tip thanks James :)

as for the blog (blushs)

Thank you!,

I'm a tad widget obsessed, the place is a trojan to load but I'm averse to clean up the eternal listings. Not a hoarder in real life, but my online image leaves a lot to be desired. Lol perhaps I'll pick up a tip or two from the neat golden crispness of Deus Ex.

(unlocks the vintage wine rack..)

gnome said...

(Athletically grabs wine and drinks furiously)

The Elderly said...

..oh jeez no...

(picks up phone, dials Blogger riot squad...)

..yes I know it's only one person....yes he's a Gnome... not an ordinary Gnome... THE Gnome.. yes the elderly gamer... yes.. well make it fast...

(moves furniture and breakables out of the way....)

Gnome you sure you don't want a glass with that?

gnome said...

Of course. Lovely. No rush though...

Expecting company, are we?

The Elderly said...

right I'll get you a glass..... visitors? no not expecting any visitors... I mean look at this place, it's a building site.. who in their right minds would visit here..

..nope not expecting anyone, nope not at all, quiet evening...

(attempts to extricate Gnome from bottle of wine... fails... checks watch...whistles...)

gnome said...

Love them quiet evenings.


(joins elderly's whistling in a demonic cacophony)


Hey coppers. You are not invited you know!

Ouch again!

The Elderly said...

...wait now you guys, steady on, it's Gnomey!!! what happened to the old Blogger riot squad...?

..what do you mean they hired mercernaries?

you can't just beat the crap out of him, where are the feather duster's and the laughing gas? the placatory strippers?

no stop this!... leave immediately.... I won't be having this...

...ouch!.. 8o

you hit me....?!!

(pulls arm back and swings...)

(in the resultant melee, several teeth are lost, one hapless mercenary is sent flying through closed window, ripper coocoons another and drags him to a dark corner, Gnome practices his Russian dancing on the face of the squad leader, we resume this narration some 15 minutes after the onslaught on our two heroes..)


(spitting some blood from his mouth...)


gnome said...

Yeth pleath.

The Elderly said...


I mean


gnome said...