Monday, February 06, 2012

What is Friv?

You'd imagine FFXIII-2 or SoulCalibur V would be creating a buzz on the search engines around now, but we'd be wrong. 

No, the gaming search buzz at present is for "FRIV" a website featuring 250+ free flash games, all in one place with no sign up!. Though you'll spend some time finding your favourite on An ad version, "frivtown" has selectable categories  e.g. Most popular, Top Rated, Strategy Games, Car Games etc.

Friv is constantly rotating it's game list and improving on popular ones, so when a new game is added it simply replaces the least popular one. 



Most popular Friv games

Panda Tactical Sniper 2
You need to prepare for a serious work and to do that you have to pass the panda training. Shoot the targets and then get to the serious missions

Bloons Tower Defense 4 - Expansion Online
Next instalment of Friv's popular tower defense game

A game created to entertain all the lemmings lovers

Xeno Squad
You are a squad leader and the only one who can take his team to the winning spot with the least casualties

Super Mario Strikers
Mario plus Soccer what's not to love?

Elderly: 8( Alf! for the love of all that's holy, WHAT!? are you doing?
Alf the Helper: I'm ... erm... giving ...ahem....lady Gaga a makeover on Friv
Elderly: ....Alf!... step away from the computer
Ald the Helper: But.. I'm nearly done with her eye makeup....
Elderly: 10...9....8....7..
Alf the Helper: Okay okay! i'm going I'm going....... zheeeshhhhh!


gnome said...

A discovery worthy of a true explorer of the internetical seas!

Elderly Gamer said...

:) thank you Gnome

(spits out some internetical sea brine....)

I need two more sites like this for my National Intergraphic cub badge....

(begins singing....badly)

...a life on the internetical seas, me boys,... hurrah hurrah!

gnome said...

No bottles of rum then?

Oh I see. I'll pay for them then.

Elderly Gamer said...

Nay!! Stay your hand dear friend, Tis grog we drink tonight!!

(swiftly producing two bottles of vintage grog, elderly proceeds to toast his mentor....)

To the finest internetical sailor I have ever met!!

Good health!!! :D

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Elderly Gamer said...

Even better, also checkout