Friday, September 02, 2011

Bargain Bin Ratchet and Clank Future Review Summary

Full title: Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Scoring 89% over 70 critic reviews
and 88% from over 422 user reviews on Metacritic

Released Oct 23, 2007 primarily a shooter-platformer. The player controls Ratchet most of the time, with some sections using Clank, as they explore various worlds to complete missions, using Ratchet's wrench and other exotic weapons gained during the course of the game.

Many reviewers hailed the game as a reason to purchase a Ps3, though a persistent complaint levelled at the title was it's lack of muliplayer, a feature of it's ps2 predessor.

Despite initial reportsof a HDD glitch and HD pixelation issues on some manufacturer's sets, the game recieved favourable reviews and is certainly worthy of a good rumage through your preowned shelfs.

Selling nearly 75,000 units during the month of release, by March 2008 the game had sold over 1 million units.

Quote of the bunch:
.....pure nerdvana from start to finish Gamestyle

Reviews Summary:
As perfect as a game can be, state of the art in every respect
The same PS2 title as ever, tired mechanics the epitome of platforming excellence
The controls feel great. The graphics look great. The score sounds great
The game is extremely easy, the story's premise is thin, the ending disappointing
A stellar title and will do much to propel the series to future titles
About as close to true perfection as games are gonna get right now.
Gives Sony something it desperately needs, a solid reason to actually own a PS3.
Sets the bar high for not only the series but for all PS3 games to come


fatherkrishna said...

I just don't get these two... They've never been my cup of tea. However, the idea of an easy platformer does appeal slightly. The only game of that nature that I've ever completed was Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. And as you say, it my well be worth a rummage in the bargain bin if it's at agood price!

May I also say again that it's so good to see this place full of life again! I don't put my PC on every day like I used to, having recoursed to merely vegging out in front of the TV amost nights after work. But I promise to show my face here regularly as long as you keep it up and running! Keep up the good work dear Elderly!

The Elderly said...

(hugs FK...) Thank you for your kind and heartwarming comments FK, must admit it's taking a bit of getting used to, blogging again. Should really change the format of this place, it appears simpliciy not long lists are the order of the day, but I've gotten set in my ways. Facebook I can't get a handle on, found tumblr which is a gem and twitter, I seem to retweet everything. But one thing I do know it's so much easier with my old buddies, so much more rewarding. :)

As for Ratchet and Clank Played a demo of the first game, and couldn't gel with the characters, a necessity I think to enjoy the series to it's fullest.

Now you settle down in yonder cosy couch and I'll fix us a nice cup of tea.. we've got some catching up to do :)

fatherkrishna said...

*sips tea and settles in on couch...*

Well lets see... I'm older, thinner, not as well as I used to be but still enjoying life to the fullest wherever possible! Three boys very grown up now, but still "Dad's lads", Mrs K. is as lovely as ever! Work is hard, money's tight but I've got evrything I need and I feel blessed! I've even found myself back at church (REALLY!) Still loving good music, films and video games and still feeling the love in the blogosphere, although not as often as I used to!

So that's me in a rather large and long-winded nut shell...

How are things with you dear E?

(and can you get me out of this nutshell?) :)

The Elderly said...

:( oh FK! sorry to hear your not in full health, though happy to know life is as it should be with your family and free time. Also good to know your back in church, a good place to find solace when you can't find answers.

...(notices FK stuggling with nutshell....grabs hammer and chisel)

Me, older also :( relatively good health, but that's what I would have said weeks before I fell into the chasm.

Too much work, too much pressure, my daughter becoming a mum b4 she had a chance to fly and my doc frightening the life out of me literally. Fraid I wasn't able for it all, so I got myself a little mental dark room. Doc finally gave me all clear earlier this year and one step followed another.

So I don't need to spend anytime in hell, been there done that :)

now hold still... I'll have you out of there in a jiffy!..

(holds sledgehammer high above his head....)

fatherkrishna said...

My dear friend! So sorry to hear you've been as poorly as that! I knew about your daughter's situation before your absence, but I had no idea how much you have had to cope with. I'm well aware of the dark places that particular path can take you on (not to mention all of the physical trauma). So glad to hear you are on the mend. Wow...

*Hugs Elderly and brushes the nut shell off his shoulders...*

I had to have a heart valve replaced last year. I am now functioning like someone twice my age. BUT! I'm still working full time, and despite enforced sobriety (NO BOOZE!!!!) I'm still known to sneak the odd puff of exotic herbs when no one is looking. (LOL!)

So! Let us look to the future dear heart, and raise a glass to our mutual improvement! You being around is the best tonic a man could have!

The Elderly said...

Jeez FK, that is a dramatic gear change. I imagine quite a humbling and frightening time. Think we'd both agree feeling mortal is a pretty scary place, specially when there isn't a bloody thing you can do about it.

As for the booze... no great loss there I hope, though I must admit it served a purpose on those nights I couldn't sleep or wanted to escape. But far from a good or supportive friend.

Like yourself, I have felt real and very strong emotion, joy and support here in the blogosphere, and treasure that some of my happiest life memories have been spent with you and that pint sized Gnome :)

(helps FK, with the giant sized glass.......)

Right.... so where did we leave off all those years ago...?