Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Aeon Flux Complete Animated Series

While we await the DVD release of the Movie staring Charlize Theron, Paramount and MTV have take the opportunity to release the complete 3 disc DVD collection of the animated TV series which originally premiered on MTV way back in 1991.

Aeon Flux is an avant-garde, animated science fiction television series, set in a surreal Universe of mutant creatures, clones and robots. One of very few American cartoons that is actually made for an older audience, Aeon Flux is a tall, scantily-clad secret agent skilled in assassination and acrobatics. Each story in “Aeon Flux” is completely separate from the one that preceded it

All ten chapters, plus the original 6 shorts, plus basically everything related to the show are included in Paramount's complete look at one of the creative turns that took the music out of MTV and created a landmark television character, one with a strong cult following over a decade later.

The series is Not for family viewing.

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