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Persona 4 Arena Review Summary and Wallpaper

Persona 4: Arena Ps3 Box Art

Persona 4 Arena Wallpaper
Wallpaper 1600x900

For Xbox 360 and Ps3, Persona 4: Arena is a narrative heavy, 2D fighting game follow up to the cult hit JRPG series, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona by Atlus.  The game was released in the US on August 7th and a release in the EU.. when they get round to it.. is set for September 7th.

The Plot
Featuring characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4, the game focuses on a fighting tournament that takes place in an alternative reality, best described as the TV World.  In Arena, Players are able to  follow individual characters through story mode, or take the game online to wreak havoc with your fighting skills.

Famitsu, the best selling Japanese gaming magazine, with four separate reviewers, gave the game a score of 36/40 90%.  Whilst Metacritic gave the Ps3 version a resounding 86% and the xbox 360 84%.

The game has earned itself the rather embarassing accolade of being the first region locked game on PlayStation 3.  The reason, according to those that know, is to prevent re-importation. Huh!? the game includes both a Japanese and an Engish audio and apparently Japanese players would have been able to import the Us version at a far lower price than sold in Japan.

Quote of the bunch:
"It weaves the majesty and imagination of one of the best role playing franchises of all-time into the snarling bravado of a one-on-one brawler so effortlessly, one wonders why it's never been done so well until now. -IGN

Reviews Summary
A fantastically realized fighting game
Easily stand out even in the crowded fighting game segment.
Approachable, deep gameplay, staggeringly beautiful.
If you're a JRPG or fighter fanatic with even a hint of interest in the other genre, P4A is an absolute must-buy.
It has a robust story, an interesting system, a magnificent roster, and wonderful music
An elaborate yet engrossing fighter that packs a ton of content suffers from a few design choices.
Mastering the mechanics of this engine involves a lot of time and effort in the training room.
These are fighters you can care about, and this is a fighting game everyone should play.

Official Website (froze in my IE9, fine in Safari)

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