Thursday, April 27, 2006

2006 FIFA World Cup The Review, The Website

Given their picture distribution policy, I might be forgiven for hoping the game falls flat on it's face, you'll be glad to hear the opposite is the case. Scoring a massive 83% from 6 reviews on Metacritic the following is a summary of the reviewer's comments.

Reviews Summary xbox360
Control feels natural and responsive, typical lavish gloss and high presentation
Graphics on the 360 are not as big an upgrade as they could be, complete lack of innovation.
What I consider to be a "next generation" game.
Fails to captivate your interest beyond a handful of games.
Good gameplay, palpable pageantry, above average graphics
Lack of online tournaments is biggest detriment.
Most solid soccer gameplay experience yet

Reviews Summary xbox, ps2
No need for official licencing and new global mode? then no big reason to upgrade
Deepest World cup Title of all time, star players and a nifty new shooting mechanism
Some framerate choppiness, for most part gameplay is same as last few games.

Official Website (wallpaper available provided you agree to a legal contract)

Silly policy EA, change it!

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Gamer C. said...

I know the feeling partner. I'd removed some of my pics today because I don't have permission from certain sites to use them. Guess I'll start shooting my own screen shots of games.

The Elderly said...

Just spotted your new pic logo, good idea.