Monday, August 13, 2007

100 Bullets

100 Bullets is an Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic book written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso. It is published by DC Comics under its Vertigo imprint and is slated to run for 100 issues.

The plot of 100 Bullets hinges on the question of whether people would take the chance to get away with revenge. Occasionally in a given story arc, the mysterious Agent Graves approaches someone who has been wronged in some way, and gives them the chance to set things right in the form of a nondescript attaché case containing a handgun, 100 bullets, and irrefutable proof of the person who ruined their life.

Volume 1 First Shot, Last Call (issues 1-5)
Volume 3 Split Second Chance (issues 6-14)
Volume 3 Hangup on the Hang Low (issues 15-19)

Volume and Issues list on Wikipedia

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