Sunday, May 21, 2006

X-Men III The Official Game Review

Still no clear indication as to what essential differences there are between the different formats, for example pgnx have reported no significant improvement in graphics between the 360 version and the xbox. Which makes me wonder why we'd need to fork out the extra dosh (€74 here in Ireland) for the 360 version. Review summaries from

based on 7 reviews Xbox360 57%
Solid animation, authentic characters
Generic Gameplay
Mundane Romp from A to B
You may just want to watch the movie instead
Wonderful and enjoyable bit of fun

based on 8 reviews Xbox 60%
Sterling graphics and sound, challenging gameplay
Ridiculous amount of enemies, mindless repetition
Enemy AI is ordinary coin-op fare, presentation below par
Generic and devoid of captivating content

based on 6 reviews Ps3 57%
Enough annoying little glitches to give game a thrown together feeling
A weekend's worth of gaming, film bound to be more exciting
Continues the disapointing trend of licenced movie games

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Official website review

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gnome said...

I'm sure its overrated. 60% seems way to high for a movie adaptation...


The Elderly said...

greetings, Mr. Gnome. Given that Metacritic award a "favourable" review for a score over 74% one could say it bombed. Interestingly my sitemeter showed a little visit from brandimesions(who handle brand protection for 20th century fox). What's Greece like for Irish Aslyum seekers?

gnome said...

You'll just love it Mr. Elderly, despite the overall lack of taste, Eurovision, shitty football, racism, extreme heat (it was 33 degrees Celsius today) and all-around ignorance. Other than that, brandimensions wouldn't dare show it's head around here.

PS Fun, you've turned commenting back on...

The Elderly said...

Keep that up and I'll have the Greek Tourist Board on to me as well.

gnome said...

Nah, don't worry about those guys. They recenty got promoted to Ministry level and still can't figue things out. Live your myth. Hor, hor.