Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tekken The Movies, Game to Film Releases

With the release of the latest Tekken movie in Japan on the 3rd of September last, and my ongoing self analysis over my obsession with game to film releases, a quick recap on the offerings to date.

Trailers Top to bottom:

Tekken The Motion Picture Anime (1998)
Originally released in Japan as a two haf hour OVA, both episodes were eventually edited into a single hour-long film.. The story is loosely based on the first and second game titles, where Kazuya is the main character and Heihachi is Head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, and featuring Jun and Lei's investigation of the Zaibatsu's illegal activities.

Then There was

Tekken (1990 film) which had nothing to do with the game, so we've not included the trailer.
The plot centering around a young ex-prisoner who takes up boxing.

Alf the Helper: oh yes unfortunate that, see "Tekken" is Japanese for "iron fist" mr. elderly
Elderly: Shouldn't you be crafting Avatars?
Alf the Helper: Yes just taking a rest break...:(  ...I'll  get back to work then

Then there was

Tekken (2010)
American martial arts film directed by Dwight Little
The film follows Jin Kazama (Jon Foo) in his attempts to enter the Iron Fist Tournament..

And currently showing in Japanese movie theatres

Tekken: Blood Vengeance 2011
A computer animated movie based on events that take place between Tekken 5 and Tekken 6. The film had a one off exclusive screening in North America and Australia in July this year.  September 3, saw it's full theatre release in Japan. The film is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray  in November 22, 2011.

Tekken Blood Vengeance Movie Wallpaper
Nina Williams Wallpaper  

Alf the Helper: Mr.elderly, someone's just put a load of Amazon links beneath your post
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Alf the Helper: Certainly mr.elderly
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Caleb said...

One must be somewhat impressed that they managed to include volleyball in the DOA movie.

The Elderly said...

Greetings Caleb :) good to see you again...!! damn you've been busy since we last met..

but yes your right the volley ball scene is an impressive inclusion in DOA.. ahem! of course I purchased the DVD purely as a cultural reference...


I'll make us some tea, and you can tell me what it's like to run a midnight show... and did I see you with a beard?

gnome said...

It all sounds very dirty to me. I'll have to call the Papal Police.

fatherkrishna said...

A lovely and comprehensive post Mr. E! I didn't know about the first cartoon version... I only watched Akira for the first time this year, but I'm getting more and more into anime as time goes on.

The movie will be great I'm sure, but the one that I'm most excited about is the computer generated one. I actually took the time to watch each and every characters little back story 'movie' playing Dark Resurrection on the PSP... The little cut scenes rock!

I can only imagine a whole film of one big cut scene will be superb!

Anything "Tekken" is good with the Father...

The Elderly said...

no please don't! we're already in enough trouble with the Vatican, myself and Caleb were merely discussing the level of athletic ability displayed it.. was...am....truly astounding.

It will no doubt end up in my dvd collection :( but the reviews thus far are not encouraging I'm afraid... Anime rocks, an acquired taste, would reccommend Blood Last Vampire, or Appleseed the movie

gnome said...

Very well then. I'll just shut up and think athletically.

(waves to Father)

The Elderly said...

(stares at Gnome...)

...how did you learn to do that?

(elderly mimics Gnome, but soon ends with a headache and out of breath)

phew, pant, puff! fufffgh

I'm too old for this.. :(

fatherkrishna said...

Hi Gnome! *waves back at Gnome*
So far my anime watching has included Ghost In The Shell 1& 2, (my favourites!), Afro Samurai (an accquired taste? I thought I'd love it!) and one very enjoyable one about a vampire hunting detective agency whose name I can't remember...

The Elderly said...

...:) FK

Nightwalker? perchance might it be

gnome said...

Waves athletically all around.

What a jolly moment!

The Elderly said...

:) I must fix the synchronicity button....

(heads to blogger settings....)

gnome said...