Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Elderly does Retro Dracula Unleashed

dracula unleashed screen grab

Depending on where you look Dracula Unleashed is currently available as either an:

Interactive DVD for your DVD available in pristine shape for $19.99 from the copyright holders Infinite ventures.

A dos based pc game in CD Rom format (requiring a patch)
currently available for a starting bid of $20 on ebay
or $9.99 with two other classics

An interactive mac adventure currently available for $2.69 on ebay

or a sega genesis game current bid $.99 on ebay

Originally released in 1993 by Viacom New Media, This interactive DVD/CD is set in the year 1899, ten years after the destruction of count Dracula chronicled in Bram Stoker's novel. You take the role of Alexander Morris who has come to London to investigate the circumstances of his brother's death, but the idiot falls in love with and proposes to a local girl named Annisette.

As the dawn of a new millenium approaches an evil force is stalking the streets of London, draining victims of their blood and transforming innocent women into bloodthirsty vampiresses. As survivors of Dracula's evil, you must uncover the identity of a new vampire and prevent him from transforming Annisette into his queen of the night.

Early interview on the game from ps2.gamezone
Screenshots from xbox gamezone
Bigger screenshots from gamershell
"Nickie" review from gameboomers
Review Frictionless insight
justadventure.com review
Quandaryland.com review
Official Website
Spoiler Alert!!!!! Spoiler Alert!!! Spoiler Alert!!
Walkthrough from Gamefaq
Walkthrough from the spoiler

IGN Gamespy Gamestats get it wrong, what's worse I nearly followed them.
Now if you'll excuse me I feel a little light headed, I must feast......sorry have a pot noodle

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Ross said...

Another day, another fine post by the Elderly. Keep it up.

gnome said...

ok. That was amazing. Can't believe you actually wrote such a post so fast. Brilliant!

The Elderly said...

Thank you both for such kind words. I admit it was alot more fun than the normal chart chasing I produce.

Gnomey thanks for putting me on to it, and I truly appreciate the encouragement Ross.

gnome said...

And now the next step...
... blog pr0n!!

DEITRIX said...

This would be interesting to play... Dated, but for 20 smacks it might be worth the adventure? Have any of you played it yourself..?

gnome said...

Only briefly....
At last. Yuriy porn-spammed us.

DEITRIX said...

Indeed, atleast they were so nice to invite us to there dinner of free porn....

Sorry Yuriy, but I just cant afford your Absolutely FREE porn.
Thanks anyway.
Best Regards, DEITRIX

The Elderly said...

I go missing for a day, blogger disintegrates and I get porn spammed. Thankfully Mr.Gnome's wish was granted (if only briefly) and Deitrix unveiled the dubious absoluteness of it all.

The place was in safe hands

The Elderly said...

no i've never played it, but I have a passing suspicion, a certain woodland creature may have.

Anonymous said...

I love this game. When I beat it on Sega CD my freshman year of college I remember how my meathead football player roomies were in awe... atleast for a day or two. QUESTION: Elderly, I keep hearing about this being available on dvd but cant find it ANYWHERE. Help, want to relive being 18 again, I LOVE THIS GAME