Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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A genetically modified subculture of humans called Hemophages has emerged (?). The Government have set out to rid the world of this new subculture who they deem a menace to society. One rogue warrior (Milla Jovovich......hurray!!!!!!) is bent on protecting her race - and seeking revenge on those who changed her life forever.

Okay so it's got scathing reviews, but hey it's got Milla Jovovich, who cares how bad the film is. Visit the Website download the wallpaper, play the trailer, view the screenshots, use the aim icons play the graphic comic adventure game (yep onsite game) and wait for the bargain bin dvd. Hopefully by then we'll have the Directors cut, instead of the rush to release job Sony have pulled off. While we're at it IMDB report that Resident Evil Extinction is in Pre-production.

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gnome said...

Ahhh, Milla... Yes. Ahem.
An excellent post on a top blog... And would you care for a link exchange sir?