Friday, April 21, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II Review

Scoring a deserved 89% from a wealth of 33 reviews on Metacritic, and hitting the top of the charts on both search engine lists and gamestat's buzz rating.

Reviews Summary
Simple addictive gameplay, backed by mostly solid gameplay
Outstanding storyline but assistant characters suffer from poor AI
All round excellent game, looks phenomenal plays even better
Definite let down, combat was way too simple, eventually unfulfilling and boring
More focused than it's predecessor, truly an action adventure
Earns a place amongst the most beautiful and exciting adventures of recent times
Excels at Story, Characters and recreation of classic fantasies
A wonderful synthesis of elements, a blast playable by anyone
Superior to KH, the game is longer, a cameo infused joyride
It is the story, with its endearing characters, epic confrontations, and masterful dialog that makes the experience work.

Official Website screenshots, character profiles, wallpaper

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