Monday, July 30, 2007

Atelier Iris3 Grand Phantasm Walkthrough

40 hours plus gameplay, bound to be a alchemy potion you've forgotten ergo the following links. A meagre offering considering the games been released since May in US.

Walkthrough from Kouli and alchemy guide on Gamefaq
Walkthrough from Katznkitz on
Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 quests from Katznkitz

Official Japanese Website
Official English Website

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Clickable inkies


fatherkrishna said...

Elderly thank you for the gifts you bestow upon us lesser beings...

The Elderly said...


(frisks FK.....)

Roys! said...

Time to scoot off to look for wallpapers for this game.

See you later, Elderly :)

The Elderly said...

..wait up I'll be with you.. (grabs coat and some Japanese Yen....)