Monday, May 08, 2006

Fantasy Art #5 Gerald Brom

Gerald Brom started his career as commercial artist at aged 20, by 21 he was producing work for Coca Cola, Columbia Pictures and CNN. Hired by TSR at aged 24 he began producing illustrations for Dungeons and Dragons role playing games and card games such as Wizard of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering.

Returning to Freelance art work in 1994, he has worked as a movie concept artist, as well as creating artwork for comics such as DC, Chaos and Dark Horse and illustrations for computer games by companies such as ID, Sega, Blizzard and Sega.

Brom is generally known as a gothic artist, his powerful and haunting visions can be found in his art books "Darkwerks" and "Offerings" and more recently the “Plucker”

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Brom on Wikipedia

Sample images from Darkwerks

Brom Gallery from Therionweb

Sample Gallery from Sensual Arts

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Isoell said...

I love Broms concepts, his anti-hero, his dark heroine. Sometimes his work is too dark, too haunting. As a mom with young children, I do not allow his books in the house. But the way his work glows, red, white, and black, and his combination of nightmares and he the Dali for genneration X?

The Elderly said...

Welcome isoell, certainly Brom has mastered the blend of latent evil and undeniable beauty, its a refreshing genre which i never get tired of. I can't answer your question though..... but the entire genre (gothic art, anime, manga) makes me far more introspective than Dali.