Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reviews Summary El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron (360, ps3)

Out in Japan and the US, due Europe: September 9th
My hopes were high for this, 3 years of hard work from a development team led by Sawaki Takeyasu (Devil May Cry) and Masato Kimura (Okami) :p the vids look passable :) and I was eager for something fresh :P But a scarcity of reviews prior to the US release date (always a bad sign), and a hint on twitter from  JamesSterling suggesting a less than stellar offering, cast a dark shadow on my expectations. But fear not!

Update: The Walkthrough and Guides are in :)

Japanese reviews: A 34/40 (85%) in Japan's Famitsu magazine, user reviews had been less kind (78%).

With a curent score of  78% Xbox 360 and  79% Ps3 on Metacritc
Suggests a rental first,.though the replay value is low... decisions decisions

If you trust your magazine reviews
9 out of 10 Game Informer

9 out of 10 Playstation the official Magazine
A+- Sci Fi Magazine

IGN blasted it: "In the end, El Shaddai attempts to do too much, and much of what it does it doesn't do well". 50

But those without the caffeine suggested:
A rare treat of a game and a celebration of video games as an art form.
An unconventional game and an entertaining adventure despite some of the creative gaps
I like it as an art piece and I dislike it as a game.
Leaves you smitten and awestruck,
Achieves what precious few can manage, aesthetic sophistication and a great game.
This game is definitely worth checking out for people seeking something new


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