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Bundle in A Box: Adventure, Indie Game Bundles The Next Chapter

"Bundle in A Box: Adventure" is a unique and landmark take on the standard indie gaming bundle, with a pricing system that supports both indie game developers, meaning more new unique, quality games for us and the pleasure of knowing your also making a significant contribution to charity.  No guilt, no pain, hours of classic, mind altering, indie adventure gaming and all for the price of the spare change in your pocket!!!.

The games all seven of them, have been handpicked and tightly packed together by dedicated gamers collectively known as Kyttaro Games, and true to their mission statement they have indeed brought together the cream of "Adventure" themed indie games.

So what's in the box?
The main bundle consists of five games, with the games "Metal Dead" and "The Shivah" only available to those who pay above the average price.  Mind you the average price is so low I'm still scratching my ancient head wondering how they've managed to cram all this goodliness into one offer.

Main Bundle:

"The Sea Will Claim Everything" by indie developer Jonas Kyratzes, is a beautifully illustrated and excellently written point-and-click adventure, marking the commercial debut of both Jonas Kyraztes and the Lands of Dream series.

"1893: A World’s Fair Mystery" is the first piece of interactive fiction (text-adventure) to EVER!! appear in a bundle.

"Gemini Rue" by Joshua Nuernberger and Wadjet Eye Games.  2011's winner of Best Game of the year from the prestigious AGS Awards, announced earlier this month.  The game just so happened to also walk away with Best Gameplay, Best original story, Best Game Character, Best background art and Best Character Art.

"Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition" Written by Dan Marshall and Ben Ward, is bursting with bold cartoon graphics, laugh-out-loud dialogue, and colourful characters.  The special Edition has..ahem!.. sexier graphics and "A stunning jazzy Sam and Max: Hit the Road homage-y soundtrack!"

"Time Gentlemen, Please!" is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Zombie Cow Studios.  The game features a darkly humorous, at times surrealistic setting and consistent referencing of other classic adventure games.

And for a few centssss more!!!

"Metal Dead" by indie developer Walk Thru Walls is a 2D point-and-click adventure.  To quote a certain knowledgeable Gnome, Metal Dead is the "closest we've come to the brilliance of Maniac Mansion since, well Maniac Mansion. It's the Shaun of the Dead of adventure gaming."


"The Shivah" is a a point-and-click adventure game, designed and developed by Dave Gilbert, now publishing as Wadjet Eye Games.  You play the role of Rabbi Russell Stone, who has been left a large sum of money by a murdered former member of your snyagogue.  PC Gamer sums it up nicely...."It's in games like this that gaming really starts to measure up to conventional literature for emotional and intellectual integrity."

Right! How Much!!!
Well this is the little piece of brilliance I just love!!  there's a minimum price and an average price,

Minimum Price
The starting minimum price of $2.99 (for the Main bundle) will drop $0.05 for every 500 purchases, while a selection of extras will unlock for every 10,000 sales. Said extras will include:

Gemini Rue soundtrack
a never-before-seen Metal Dead Making Of PDF booklet.
The Shivah soundtack

Average Price
Changes dependant on the average price being paid for the game, last look it was $5.45, for that you get the main bundle and premium content, Metal Dead and Shivah.

All the games in the bundle are available as DRM-free Windows downloads, though Kyttaro Games also provide Steam and Desura codes for Gemini Rue, Ben There, Dan That!and Time Gentlemen, Please!, and Desura codes for Metal Dead.

Oh yes almost forgot the charity.... this time out, it's Perivolaki - The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family. A non-profit NGO helping mentally ill children and their families in Greece.

So Where Can I Get It!!!
Bundle In A Box: Adventure available from none other than the appropriately titled:


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