Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Review (Ps2 vs. Xbox360)

I've been puzzled for a while, why game reviewers generally shun comparing a game across different formats. And now I perhaps have discovered one reason for this apparent oversight.

Eurogamer have conducted an in-depth review of both Ps2 and xbox 360 versions of PES6 and the news is not all that encouraging for Xbox 360 owners. Xbox 360 the next generation console, the console of choice for the next geneation ....cough!..... sports fewer multiplayers, fewer stadiums (8 compared to PS2's 33), no shop options, no replay saves. Rushed release? I didnt' say that!

"With so many features missing, a poor online implementation and a tragic unwillingness to treat this as a next generation project, Konami has taken a hefty gamble with PES6 on the 360."

Notwithstanding that the game received a score of 80%, though you might want to bypass the xbox 360 section in your local game shop. Out in Europe due for release in US January 2007

Also Known as:
Winning Eleven 2007,
Winning 11: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007
Winning 11 10,
World Soccer Winning Eleven 10 (JPN)
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (UK)

Eurogamer Review
Pro-Evolution Soccer on Wikipedia

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Ross said...

This has also happend to the so-called "next-gen" football games on the 360 as well. Bletch, gameplay and features over graphics all the way...

BTW Winning Eleven is quite good, I have a demo of an older version and it is probably the best soccer game out there... too bad I'm not quite a "footy" fan, as you guys call it...

gnome said...

Sensible Soccer.

'nuff said...

The Elderly said...

my ps2 copy of PES 2, suffices on those dark winter nights, though I would have liked a new spanking next gen version, i'll stick to the uncanny playability and familiarity of my ancient copy.

(mutters PES under his breath)

TheTimeRunner said...

It seems you chose the wrong system once again elderly. If you are thinking of parting with your Xbox360 I'd be more than happy to rid you of such an accursed machine. *big toothy smile*

The Elderly said... me considering the use it's gotten recently, if it was an animal, I could possibly have gotten a call from the ISPCA by now. Luckily I was feeling pretty guilty so i've some Fear demo playing ahead of me this evening..... however i will keep your toothy smile under consideration


TheTimeRunner said...

If you plan to play the FEAR demo on it then I wish for it not any further. I just realized who was publishing the game......

The Elderly said...

....erm I should have left my hand over the logo a bit longer..... you'll be happy to know it wasn't as smooth as i had imagined.... i felt like a geriatric wearing lead boots.... dosen't augur well,