Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution Screenshots xbox 360 Ps3

Release dates 2011:
US: August 23
Aus: August 25
Eu: August 26
Jpn: September 8

Third game in the Deus Ex series, set in 2027 and a prequel to the original Deus Ex, the conspiracy begins when Adam Jensen, a private security officer is left horrifically injured and forced to undergo "augmentation" to survive. Human Revolution deals with the ethics of transhumanism

Alf the helper: ...a subset of philosophical posthumanism mr. elderly
Elderly: ?! a subset... you don't say
Alf the helper: Yes indeed, transhumanism affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing...
Elderly: (cuts the cable to Alf's keyboard)

The game visuals are a combination of cyberpunk and Renaissance aesthetics, resulting in a futuristic-looking Baroque world. The player will visit five cities over the course of the game, including Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal.

First title in Gamestop's new strategy on launch day digital PC sales, and the subject of an lawsuit against fifteen Italian nationals.

"Augmented Edition" will be released in select European countries, Australia and New Zealand. It will include a making-of documentary, motion-comic, E3 trailer, game soundtrack by Michael McCann, animated storyboard, and a 40-page Artbook. In-game, the player will receive an additional mission, weapons, and cash via the included Explosive Mission Pack and the Tactical Enhancement Pack. The Augmented Edition is also available in North America, but does not include the Explosive Mission Pack or the Tactical Enhancement Pack.[24] These packs are available solely as pre-order bonuses from select retailers.[25]

"Collector's Edition" which will include all the contents of the Augmented Edition as well as a Play Arts Kai figure of the game's protagonist, Adam Jensen

Living up to Hype a score of 94% on pc gamer, but what constitutes a reliable reviewer these days?

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gnome said...

Alf the helper? Is that little philosopher of yours mythical enough to dwell in the hallowed halls of this most elderly of blogs?

On the other hand, transhumanism, well, it does sound dirty doesn't it?

The Elderly said...

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gnome said...

The leprechaun... you mean?

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The Elderly said...

I imagine there is some mythical method to resurrect him, but having wired his lifeless carcass to the Irish electricity grid, I may have destroyed any chance I had.

Though I will miss his pron posts..... sigh!

gnome said...

NO! Never connect corpses to anything either privatized or soon to be so!

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The Elderly said...

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...??... (stares at the Leprechaun carcase, looks over at the catatonic Alf...)

...I'll put on the kettle..

gnome said...


It's a strange and frightening world, it is.

The Elderly said...

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..a strange world indeed..

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