Saturday, August 04, 2012

Deadlight Review Summary

Released for xbox live arcade on August 1st 2012, Deadlight is a 2d sidescrolling survival horror cinematic platformer for Xbox Live Arcade developed by Tequila Works.

(..takes deep breath...)

Virus outbreak reanimates the dead, decimation of society, Randall Wayne (you) searches for his family.  Walking Dead meets Limbo.

Postive critic reviews focussed on the horrific and compelling storyline and challenging puzzle game play.  Negatives include issues around game controls, brevity and voice acting.  Opinion is polarised as to the game environment, impressive vs. bland and the plot, compelling vs pointless.  The game managed to score a decidely average 69% from 52 critic reviews on Metacritic.

My 2 cents
In fairness to the developers, I've only managed to invest an hour in the game since launch day, which probably says more about the game than I'd like to admit.  I found the voice over script contrived, the game athmosphere failing to impress and then there is that overly familiar nod to the walking dead, the "shadows" responding to loud noises...please!!.

Alf The Helper: Yeah I noticed that too, they could have mixed it up, like the zombies responding to smell!
Elderly: Smell?
Alf The Helper: Yeah, like the zombies can pick up your smell if you've been sweating and stuff.
Elderly: What?
Alf The Helper: Yeah, like you've got to shower and brush your teeth, find cans of Lynx to put the Zombies of your trail..
Elderly: 8( .....oh sweet divine!!....where was I?

.....getting pummelled by "shadows" before I knew how to fight back, didn't help either.  I do however intend to return and finish the game, at which stage I'll update this little section...  without Alf!

Quote of the Bunch:
Deadlight draws you in with its rich, pervasive atmosphere, but doesn't give you much to do once you're there. -Gamespot

Reviews Summary:
The quality of content is amazing, psychotic storyline with fluid gameplay.
The full product is a disappointment to say the absolute least.
Probably the best downloadable title on the market right now.
Weirdly inconsistent 2D survival horror.
A breathtaking adventure, though the main campaign lasts only five or six hours.
It's as mindless as the zombies it features.
All the style, substance, and gameplay you could want, with none of the originality you need
Without satisfying mechanics or narrative, there's nothing pushing you forward towards Deadlight's conclusion.
An incredibly slight experience, a single play-through comes in at under two hours.
Ruined by the lacking storyline and extremely short campaign.

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Bickle77 said...

Ace roundup as usual Mr. Elderly! Well played sir (doffs cap).

Interesting concept from Alf there... again, well played!

(takes Mr Elderly to one side... whispers) has Alf been inhaling that Lynx by any chance...?

Elderly Gamer said...

(elderly blushs...) Thank you kind sir :) I've since restarted the game with the volume up and the ligths off.... it's essentially a pretty easy platformer, with annoying but sporadic control issues, and it's got athmosphere but fails to pack a real punch. Pity as I had high hopes for this.

(whispers to Bickle... as a precaution I've removed any aerosol cans from Alf's room... thanks for the tip..)

gnome said...

Judging from the tape this has to be a Spectrum release. Nice work there Elderly dear. No cellar for you in 2012 apparently!

Elderly Gamer said...

Thank you dear Gnome :)

and your right.. no ce cee cel, ...dark, dank, horror infested Greek du, dun...


Oh dear.... forgive me, I may need to lie down....