Saturday, January 14, 2012

Game Wallpaper and Websites edition #7





Well here we are on the 7th edition of Wallpaper and Websites, the eternal and thankless search to find some game wallpaper from the past and with a bit of luck the original websites.  Admitedly I may have been a little the worse for wear when I started this theme, but it's proved popular with at least four of you, so without ado, fanfair, entree or cigar the 7th edition of Wallpaper and Websites. 

Wallpaper top to bottom:

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams ps2 released in Japan March 2006, as Shin Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams 新 鬼武者, fourth canonical installment of Capcom's Onimusha series.
Official Website

Headhunter redemption Sequel to the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 game Headhunter. Headhunter Redemption was launched in Europe for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 on October 31, 2003.
Official Website gone.... :(

Rumble Roses
A "professional" wrestling video game  developed by Yuke's Future Media Creators and Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, and published by Konami in 2004 for the PlayStation 2.
Official Website (Japanese only)

Tomb Raider Underworld
Eighth instalment of the Tomb Raider series, first released 18 November 2008, Ps2
Original Website gone, replaced by

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gnome said...

Wallpapers, Websites, Web... I can sense a pattern emerging...

The Elderly said...

you know now that you mention it so do I... a plaid pattern? or could it be that exotic looking W key on my KeWboard...

pretty W :)

gnome said...




Just WW.

(lies down)

The Elderly said...

(..quickly rescues Gnome from fireplace and places him on floor... runs off to get fire extinquisher....)

Alf call emergency services.... we've got ? ... an emergency!!..

Alf the Helper said...

Emergency?!!!...all I can see is crispy Gnome... never had crispy Gnome..