Thursday, April 13, 2006


Also known as Casshan, the film (directed by kazuaki Kinya) is based on the 1973 TV anime series Shinzô ningen Kyashân (Neo-Human Casshan). Though you may wish to switch it off after your first viewing, the film is subtitled.

After 50 years of devastating war, a new Federation called Eurasia is formed to govern a planet devasted by biological, chemical nuclear warfare. But a new crisis looms. A threat to the future existence of the mankind develops in the form of mutant androids, (see you love it already). But there is hope..............

Like most anime series the storytelling is dense and philosophical and as it's a Japanese film, love plays a strong part. Do not expect a logical storyline nor indeed should you demand it. The film blends Japanimation and manga inspired live action to create 2hours and 20 minutes of pure graphical dynamite.

The theme song was sung by Hikaru Utada (the director's wife).

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