Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Gamma-Attack" Rare Retro Games

Manufactured 1983 For Atari 2600 VCS or Sears Video Arcade
Publisher: Gammation (US)
Programmed by Esken Jr., Robert L.

Gamma-Attack is a high res graphic (well back then it was), fast moving, rapid firing video game, featuring a "three screen fighting scenario" for one player, with four game "Speeds" (novice to expert)

The plot
A Vegan war fleet (...the Aliens, not the animal food product abstainers) comprised of deadly laser pulse tanks has taken control of the only inhabitable outpost in the Gamma Star System, You command a Gamma Ship dodging deadly enemy heat seekers and aerial mines. Stay alive and save the Gamma Star system.

Only two carts are known to exist, last estimated price $5,000 to $10,000, with reproductions costing up to $57.

I wanta play it:
Well you ca.... oh wait you can, head to Atarimania, relish the eyedropping graphics, locate the "play it" controller.  Enjoy the Java experience.

remember your the spaceship

a left
d right
w up
s down
shoot Ctrl button

Or a quick Gooooooggle search will find you an Atari 2600 emulator and ROM for your pc.

Chances of finding Rare Games and Retro game systems
Head to Retrotreasures, tell the Gnome I sent you and lord Gnomes what he'll find for you.

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