Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arkham City Fan video Daughtry "Drown in You"

Well the dust and hype have now settled on Batman Arkham City, but if like me you need a little distraction from the eternal addiction that is Skyrim, then this fanvideo may do the trick and revive your interest in what is in truth a brilliant game.

To accompany the original Arkham City game score, (composed by Nic Arundel and Ron Fish) WaterTower Music also published "Batman: Arkham City - The Album", released on October 4, 2011, featuring musical contributions by various artists.

Notable amongst those tracks was a contribution by Daughtry titled "Drown in You".

Imagine my delight then to find this fine contribution to the archives of game fan videos, from Danny10117

A great deal of blood sweat and tears were shed by the video editor in putting this together, so if you like it, go pay the guy a visit and leave a comment.  While your there check out he's newest creation featuring the song "Awake and Alive" by the band Skillet and edits from the film Sucker Punch.

"Batman: Arkham City - The Album" Tracklisting
1."Mercenary"  Panic! at the Disco
2."Deranged"  Coheed and Cambria
3."Creature"  The Duke Spirit
4."Shadow On The Run"  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
5."Afterdark"  Blaqk Audio
6."Oh, Stranger"  The Raveonettes
7."The Years"  † † † (Crosses)
8."Trophy Widow"  The Damned Things
9."Drown In You"  Daughtry
10."Losing You"  The Boxer Rebellion
11."Total Paranoia"  Serj Tankian

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