Monday, November 14, 2011

Assasin's Creed Revelations Which Edition?

Release for Xbox 360, Ps3 on November 15th 2011
To ensure you walk out of the store with exactly wanted, I hope the following is of some use. Verifed at the time of posting, things change, so be sure to check content before you purchase.

As your aware there are several different limited editions of Assassin's Creed Revelations. The Animus, Collector's and Special editions are available on all platforms but only available in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, while the Signature Edition is only available in North America through GameStop for all platforms.

Standard edition (game and soundtrack only),

The Collector's Edition features Special Collector’s Edition packaging, a 50-page art book, an animated short film and the original game's soundtrack. In-game content included is an exclusive mission and two additional multiplayer characters (both in-game content are the same as featured in the Animus Edition).

The Special Edition consists of a standard box with exclusive artwork and the original game's soundtrack. In-game content included is a Turkish Assassin Armor in single-player and two additional multiplayer characters (The Crusader and Ottoman Doctor).

Pre order only:
Signature Edition:
Pre-orders with GameStop will automatically upgrade to the Signature Edition of the game at no extra cost. The Signature Edition features exclusive packaging, a bonus single-player mission (Vlad the Impaler Prison), an exclusive multiplayer character (Ottoman Jester), weapons capacity upgrades, an animated short film (Assassin's Creed Embers Movie) and the original game's soundtrack.

Ultimate Bundle: US only, the Ultimate Bundle features all content from the Signature Edition, but the Ultimate Bundle also comes with Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine replica and an Ezio 7-inch action figure.

Update! latest review from Eurogamer


gnome said...

No exclusives for Greece then...


The Elderly said...

No us recessionary countries should be hard at work paying off other peoples greed and avarice, rather than playing games.

..Wait that dosen't seem right!!


Bickle77 said...

And because of those other cun... I mean peoples... greed and avarice, I've had to get the regular version as I've got to watch the pennies.

I wanted the massive model dragon thing thats bundled with Skyrim collectors edition too! *shakes fist at bankers*

The Elderly said...

we don't need them!!

we've got our own wiles and ways..... here!

(hands Bickle77 a lump of modeling clay...)

We'll make our own... to hell with them!!!

...I'll get the rolling pin..

Bickle77 said...

Woo cheers, what a great idea! And the bonus is when we're bored of the dragon and the Ezio figurine they won't be gathering dust on a shelf, they'll be made into the next replica item that comes out!

And if the current trend of unemployment is anything to go by, I'll probably need to mould our next consoles out of clay too. Keep that rolling pin handy!

The Elderly said...

:D we're eco.. warriors!!

though admitedly I am dreading the new gen consoles... perhaps the state will issue them, to keep us from rioting on the streets

Bickle77 said...

Its a nice thought, but I think the state will be more likely to start selling our vital organs to help pay off the deficit, rather than giving us all next gen consoles. And it'll be harder for us all to riot when the government have sold our limbs to China.

The Elderly said...

They'd never!!!


They would...


Least my liver is kaput!!


gnome said...

(drinks frantically)

Mine is almost useless too.

Really Mr. Cop-person. Besides, I'm using it.

The Elderly said...

You know..hic!!

(elderly staggers to a standing position and points his index finger into to air to emphasise his revelation...)

avoideen organ extraction ish..


fun...! :)

Alf!! more dink...!!

gnome said...

Yes! More drink!

Ah, I can be busy, but I really must visit this lovely place more regularly. Swell!

The Elderly said...

Gnome... (Suffering from double vision, elderly runs to hug the second virtual Gnome.... and collides with coffee table...)


I hates when you bilocate like that

Alf!! more dink for Gnome...

Greeting overlord!

(salutes the future Gnomarch)




gnome said...

Hic hic hooray!!!!!!



The Elderly said...


Hail Gnome....

..all two of you magnificent beings...

..More Dink!!!!!