Saturday, January 07, 2006

WarDevil: "Unleash the Beast Within" (next-gen) but when?

Okay so the Digi-Guys website say they are bound to a non-disclosure agreement, which prevents them from disclosing any details of the game (?). As a result we have no idea when to expect this promising looking title, or indeed whether it's scheduled for the Ps3 or Xbo360 or both. All very mysterious.

So for the moment all I have is this preview from IGN (posted so long ago it mentions the xbox 2). The IGN site also has 81 images and 3 trailers. The Digi-guys website uses Flash to tell us very little, but do inform us that formal announcements are due late 2005 (?). The game has you playing as the aformentioned WarDevil up against the apparent evils of the Chun Federation (yep I'm reaching here). We can safely assume that "it's distant future" setting will be matched by it's release date. Pity!
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