Sunday, August 28, 2011

El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron Forum Avatars

right click, view image, for 400x73
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Hand sculpted by Alf and Ripper, with inspiration from the leprechaun.  Straight from the workshop of the elderly gamer.

El Shaddai Ascension Wallpaper

Alf the helper: So does that mean I can get paid now!
Elderly: Does it say Alf the employee yet?
Alf the helper: :(
Elderly: Exactly! now see if you can do something with that title.


fatherkrishna said...

Now this really does look like it's worth a look! The stylised 'arty' look is highly original and has been favouably compared with the marvellous Bayonetta! I think this will definitely be heading into Krishna Towers in the not too distant future...

The Elderly said...

:) hiya FK :)

also on the elderly must buy list, but gonna wait for a ickle price drop first... still don't get why it's taken such a long time to come to Europe.. now Bayonetta... and the way she might look at you...!!!